Art Educator, K-12 Grades


Having had the pleasure of teaching art in Tokyo, Nashua, Paris, & Wuhan, I have seen first hand how art transcends language barriers; In art class, instead of using language I show students how to use various mediums to express themselves in a way that is not possible in other subject areas…. guiding students to boost their self confidence and push them towards their full potential.

My qualifications include ten years of international teaching experience, and MEd and BA degrees in Art Education and Fashion Design. In my most recent position as art educator, I taught K – 5th grade art including painting and ceramics as well as Middle school and High school studio arts, an AP Media Design and a Yearbook Graphic Design class. I was able to develop the art curriculum further with the addition of a kiln for pottery and the Adobe suite for lessons in graphic design. My Art education curriculum relates to the student’s everyday life, integrating it with heritage, career education, world history, and cultures.      

For more than 10 years, I have provided effective classroom management; creative lesson plans, and highly praised instructional delivery. As an Art Educator, it is my hope that through an art experience students will develop communication and life-coping skills to understand oneself and the expressions of others, develop awareness for the environment, build self-confidence and self-worth as an individual and develop responsibilities in society.

With a background in theatre arts and fashion, my teaching experience has added a sense of structure to my creativity and confirmed my love for teaching.

Playing with art

    It is my goal as a teacher to foster in each child a willingness

  1. Bulletto assume challenges and responsibilities,

  2. Bulletto develop self-confidence and a positive self-image,

  3. Bulletto be sensitive to the needs of others, and

  4. Bulletto desire a curiosity in future learning.